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A Closer Look: Anne Muntges' 'Skewed Perspectives'

Artist: Anne Muntges // Exhibition: "Skewed Perspectives," on view through Aug. 9 in Big Orbit Gallery

Walking into the miniature world Anne Muntges has created inside Big Orbit Gallery -- a 75-foot-long, black-and-white drawing spread across hundreds of three-dimensional objects -- feels a little like walking into your favorite children's book.

The surroundings are at once familiar and strange. A pair of black-and-white Saucony shoes sits underneath a black-and-white bed covered in black-and-white sheets. A skull, every socket and crevice filled with Muntges' marks, sits in the corner of the living room next to a working fan with drawings for blades.

By the simple act of drawing on such common objects, Muntges has transformed them into objects paused halfway between imagination and reality. In that way, her installation -- which took her two years to complete, in all its meticulous, simplistic beauty -- can be thought of as projection screens for the imagination. It has the mildly eerie feeling of the sort of diorama or tableau you might find in a science or natural history museum, a feeling that makes you focus intently on your own momentary loneliness.

Depending on the angle from which you approach the show, it is either disconcerting or deeply comforting, destabilizing or dream-like.

Muntges said she didn't go into the exhibition with any particular idea of what the viewer might get out of the experience, only that she hoped viewers would see the show as a "giant drawing" and get excited about the hundreds of small moments and juxtapositions she's hidden within it.

Last week, I caught up with Muntges at the space and she talked a bit about her inspiration, her process and her hopes for the show:

A few closeups of the installation (photos by Kevin Charles Kline):

Dresser_02 Hallway_01 Hallway_02Dresser_01

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