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Letter: Why did Williamsville extend superintendent’s contract?

Why did Williamsville extend superintendent’s contract?

I am writing as a concerned taxpayer in the Williamsville School District on the recent contract extension of Superintendent Scott Martzloff. How on earth does the Williamsville School Board justify extending this individual, whose tenure is mired in controversy and is in the middle of a lengthy hearing that is yet to be settled?

What is more puzzling is his contract was just extended five years last year. We elect the president every four years. I am also troubled how the board clearly manipulated the vote as it voted in the absence of two board members and allowed two members who were voted out last month to vote on the extension. It is clear to me that the majority of this board has not gotten the voter message last month for change on the board.

The fact that two long-standing board members were voted out should bring change to this board, but the lack of transparency continues. The majority is oblivious to voter sentiment and our school district deserves better leadership and wiser decision making than this board exhibits. The Williamsville Teachers’ Association’s long-standing dispute with the board and superintendent is well-documented, focusing on honesty, integrity and transparency. This latest board action certainly seems to support the teachers’ position on how business is mishandled in the district.

The Williamsville School District should be making news on its scholastic excellence and not the continual turmoil the district has recently experienced.

Russ Dye

East Amherst