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Letter: SLA ought to leave veterans posts alone

SLA ought to leave veterans posts alone

Over the past few years, I have noticed the State Liquor Authority has focused on VFW and American Legion posts in the area, fining them and threatening the loss of licenses. The reasoning is that the posts have an attendance book, run raffles for alcohol, have football pools and have card games among the members.

I have gone to many bars in the area that openly runs pools and have not noticed that they have lost their license or heard of fines. The other issue that enrages me even more is that the SLA did not take licenses away from some bars in the city where violence and shootings occurred.

It is important to remember that these veterans organizations raise funds in support of the community and youth and heavily support their fellow veterans in need. The posts are nonprofit organizations that utilize all their resources in the maintenance of their building and supporting the pillars they are founded on. Defense, veterans, youth and patriotism are the core values that are being indirectly infringed upon.

Our continued fundraising ability should not be hampered by laws that are arbitrarily addressed by the SLA and conflict with the state Gaming Commission. We are struggling to be a positive influence in the community and do not need obstacles that hinder us from achieving our core values.

Frank Ballesteros

West Seneca