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Q: I watched a show called “The Musketeers.” Do you know if it is over? The way it ended, it seems to me that the series is done. – Patty Geer, Cyberspace

A: If you’re a fan, you’ll be glad to know a third season of the show has been ordered … and since BBC America co-produces it, it’s guaranteed to get a U.S. run, though no premiere date has been attached yet to the continuation of the adventure drama based on (what else?) the Alexandre Dumas classic “The Three Musketeers.”


Q: Why do so many shows use actors who simultaneously have other roles on other shows? I see this quite often. Is there a shortage of TV actors? – Peter Lauro, Port St. Lucie, Fla.

A: If you were to take a look at the membership lists of the now-merged performers’ unions SAG and AFTRA, any thought you might have about a possible shortage of television actors would be torpedoed pretty rapidly. As for some performers having multiple roles and shows at the same time, perhaps you might want to consider the word “talent.”

In many instances, producers know just who they want for a role – and even if not, the actor in question evidently gave an audition sufficient for him or her to land the job. And if he or she is lucky enough to have schedules work out so he or she can perform multiple roles simultaneously (not necessarily an easy thing to do, which is even more to their credit), we say, “Good for them.”


Q: Where do I find the complete series of “Boston Public”? – Dan McKibben, LaPorte, Ind.

A: Nowhere currently, as far as an official home-video release of the school drama is concerned. Those rights are held by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, which hasn’t issued the show. Any offers you see of a DVD release of the series on the Internet are “bootleg” copies – and you take your chances with the quality of those – or screeners that were supplied for internal industry purposes and should not be sold to the public.

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