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Letter: Paladino’s bigotry cannot be tolerated

Paladino’s bigotry cannot be tolerated

As a Buffalo School Board member, Carl Paladino is an elected public official. He is expected to participate in setting public policy for the educational goals of tens of thousands of students, parents and employees of the Buffalo Public Schools.

An equally important part of a public official’s job is to represent his community in a manner that reflects well upon all. Paladino has failed miserably in this area. Once again his bigotry has stained the City of Buffalo and our Western New York community.

Paladino practices a poisonous variety of racism. His most recent target is Asian students and in fact anyone of Asian descent. They are the latest in an extensive list of targets that most especially includes African-Americans.

This is a serious reoccurring problem for Buffalo. This is not just some harmless attempt at humor; rather this is a vicious cycle of racist rhetoric from a public official who was elected to represent the community. This unbridled, unvarnished bigotry cannot and should not be accepted any longer from anyone, let alone an elected public official.

Paladino’s entire public persona drips with statements belittling people of color, immigrants and anyone who dares challenge him.

Our community is moving in another direction. A direction where bigotry and racism have no place and those who preach it are held accountable.

Shame on Paladino for being a merchant of intolerance.

Richard Lipsitz

President, WNY Area Labor

Federation, AFL-CIO