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Letter: Lancaster should focus on what’s truly important

Lancaster should focus on what’s truly important

As a new resident of Lancaster, I have been embarrassed and disheartened by the acrimony of the mascot controversy. The media circus surrounding the issue has added to the discomfort of many in the district. It is unfortunate that this spotlight has not been focused on more positive aspects of the Lancaster schools.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a “Try a Tri” mini triathlon for Lancaster students in grades three to six. The youngsters swam, biked and ran for their hard-earned medals, and the smiles at the finish line were priceless. I can’t say enough about the teachers, administrators, staff members and older student volunteers who organized the event, carried it off without a hitch, cheered and encouraged, and provided the kids with such a wonderful experience. My granddaughter, a third-grader, was so proud to complete her first tri.

Additionally this year, I have experienced student art exhibits, a student talent show, primary school chorus performances and concerts featuring the high school’s amazing Carnival Kids Steel Orchestra. Each event was enjoyable and impressive. It’s time to move on and put the focus where it has always belonged, on Lancaster’s great kids doing their best to learn and achieve.

Michelle McGhee