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Letter: Despicable behavior tarnishes Lancaster

Despicable behavior tarnishes Lancaster

After reading about the problems in the Hamburg School District the past couple of years, I never thought there would be a district with a more dysfunctional situation. But after reading reports and listening to news accounts, there is a new No. 1 at the top of the list: Lancaster.

That adults can get so incensed over a simple change of their school mascot is hard to believe. Especially since the term is so offensive to many in the Native American community. I would bet that 90 percent of the district’s population is white and the vast majority of residents have no meaningful contact or relationships with any Native Americans. So how can they possibly know how that part of the population feels about that term?

In addition, the two newly elected members, appearing on a right-wing Internet program with their ridiculous opinions, should be cause for removal. Plus, a member of the audience at a board meeting using the term “Heil Hitler” when referring to the board president is despicable. To use that term, probably the most heinous phrase of the 20th century, is beyond comprehension. Our Constitution does guarantee free speech, but obviously does not give the same guarantee to the intelligence of the speaker.

Mark Muchowski

Orchard Park