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Letter: Community deserves to have world-class park

Community deserves to have world-class park

We all know about the safety issues associated with the Scajaquada and the recent tragedy that occurred in Delaware Park. The question I continue to ask myself is: Why is there an expressway running through a park? Delaware Park is the Olmsted-designed sister park to world-renowned Central Park in New York City.

Delaware Park is one of the greatest parks in New York and the most active in Buffalo. We talk all the time about a New Buffalo, one that everyone can be proud to call home. Great cities need great amenities, and great citizenry should demand them. The parkland to the south of the Scajaquada has been cut off from the rest of the park for decades. This can be corrected with a 30 mph speed limit and changing the roadway into a parkway with crosswalks and traffic-calming measures. A parkway system that allows people to safely cross it as easily as we cross Elmwood Avenue will further enliven the neighborhoods along the Scajaquada.

Look at what has occurred in other cities that have right-sized city highways. Property values around the road increase and quality of life improves for everyone. I’m a resident of Buffalo, and I want a better park. The argument that people will be inconvenienced two minutes is just never going to win when stacked up against a world-class park, safety, increased property values and the connectivity of the colleges, neighborhoods and community at large. It’s what we deserve.

Michael A. Deluca

Parkside Community Association Board Member and Chairman of the Traffic Committee