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Front page June 21, 1915: Buffalo's population tops 455,000 as census takers record Alden family of 20

Among the local news on the day's front page:

"Population of Buffalo now over 455,000"

"Buffalo's population is between 455,000 and 460,000, according to J.H. Madden, county supervisor of the state census enumeration. The work of cleaning up families who were skipped by district enumeration will be finished this week. Until that is done Supervisor Madden will not have accurate figures."

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city's population was 261,310 in 2010.

And in related news:

"Twenty in family at Alden high score in enumerators' race"

"Census enumerators, working in various districts in this country, are having much fun in their work and a few bets have been laid as to who will record the largest family. Up to today the high score has been awarded to an enumerator in Lancaster, who found a family of 15. That mark was overtopped today by five when Michael Berry, an enumerator from Alden, brought in the record of one family in that town with 18 children, and both parents living. The mark of 20 is now high. Supervisor J.H. Madden did not know the name of the family."


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