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Letter: Why do some parents let children run wild?

Why do some parents let children run wild?

Last Saturday afternoon, my wife and I went to the movies to watch Melissa McCarthy’s latest film, “Spy.” There was a “family” group also in attendance – two adults, two young girls (about 8 and 10), a young boy (about 10 to 12) and a toddler.

Throughout the film, the two girls kept on getting up and noisily changing seats. They were very disruptive. The toddler was allowed to run around the darkened theater, interfering with patrons and being chased by various “family” members while he hooted and shrieked. This kid finally came up behind me and was making a commotion. I told his mother in stern terms: “You come over here, get your kid and get him out of here.”

I was instantly the target of a loud and long verbal depth-charging. After a barrage of foul language in front of the kiddies, she did remove the child from the theater. (If this child had injured himself running around a darkened theater, would she have sued the establishment?)

This movie is not for young children. It is clearly an “adult comedy.” It has graphic, bloodletting violence; sexual innuendos; and more creative vulgar language than what I heard in my 25 years of active duty in the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Service.

If you are going to bring your children out in public, control them. This is for their sake (safety and socially) and the sake of the other patrons who forked out good money for entertainment. If you realize that the event you brought your children to is inappropriate for their ages, remove them. I was stunned by this couple’s lack of insight and control over these children. Enough already!

Joseph A. Coppola