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Letter: Hamburg taxpayers ought to be outraged

Hamburg taxpayers ought to be outraged

Steven J. Walters, Hamburg supervisor and chairman of the Hamburg Industrial Development Agency, was quoted as saying that FedEx would bring 400 to 600 good-paying jobs to Hamburg. It’s easy to look up what FedEx pays it employees; it ranges from $10.75 for loaders to $12.49 for handlers, which is what most of the jobs in Hamburg will be. Are these really “good-paying” jobs?

On June 12, The News ran another article about FedEx. The estimate of 400 to 600 new jobs is now down to 32.5, projected to be created by 2020. Let’s do the math: FedEx got $8 million in tax breaks from the Hamburg IDA for 32.5 jobs. That amounts to about $246,000 per job! Hamburg IDA Executive Director Michael Bartlett is now saying, “whatever the number, it is better than no jobs.”

One can only hope Hamburg taxpayers will remember this fiasco of their tax dollars when election time rolls around. How did these clowns attain their positions to orchestrate this debacle? Another unanswered question: What is wrong with using our excellent local contractors as project managers?

Sue Dempsey

West Seneca