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Letter: Father is essential to family structure

Father is essential to family structure

The family is the basic unit of civilization and the father is the head of the household in coordination with his wife, the mother of the family.

But unfortunately now we have fatherless families and, strangely enough, children of fatherless families quite often get into legal trouble. Many of these children show disrespect to people in authority, such as teachers, police officers and community leaders. As a matter of fact, children blame them for their own faults.

If the government went after the biological fathers and made them take responsibility for their children, then perhaps we would see harmony rather than rioting in the streets.

The government has taken over the monetary responsibilities of fatherhood with financial benefits, but the government forgets about love, firm guidance and good example. It is no wonder children of these absentee fathers get into trouble.

If teachers spent more time telling their students of the importance of fatherhood and talked about it at Parent Teacher Association meetings, then there might be better school grades and respect for teachers.

Also, if the clergy spoke about fatherhood, we might see more respect and friendlier relations.

Children need the firm, loving guidance of a strong, confident male. The father must also help his wife with day-to-day needs, for herself, but also so that the children will learn from and follow this responsible example. Respect for authority must begin at home with a loving and responsible father who teaches his children through good example. Happy Father’s Day!

Carl J. Hoepfinger