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It seems to us: A chance to make merry, great outdoors getting greater and cheapskate Trump

As reported by The News’ Mark Sommer, a local group is trying to return a rare wooden carousel carved by European immigrants in a North Tonawanda factory nearly a century ago to the area, and the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation has offered to pay $250,000 to help them buy and operate it. The only condition is that it be located at Canalside.

Now it’s up to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. to decide whether it wants to go along. No pressure, except a non-returnable deposit is due by July 1.

Just think of the fun this Herschell-Spillman park-style merry-go-round will add to the burgeoning Canalside for young and old. We can’t wait to ride.

More evidence Buffalo is on the comeback trail: the growing number of restaurants serving on their patios, projecting a cosmopolitan vibe found in progressive cities. We’ve got plenty of seasonal (of course!) patio dining options and in some pretty cool spots, but there is always room for more.

The Planning Board has approved the two latest – at Big Ditch Brewing Company and Ulrich’s Tavern, both on Ellicott Street, a section one board member accurately stated is becoming an extension of the entertainment district.


And speaking of outdoor dining, dog owners should be aware that the legislation allowing them to take their dogs to outdoor dining areas could leave their best friends cranky and overweight.

Most pooches cherish the time their owners are away for dinner to squeeze in another much-needed nap. Now they’ll not only be wide awake, they’ll be enjoying their usual share of morsels from the plate. Solution? Let them sleep and take home a doggie bag.

Donald Trump made a big point at his presidential campaign kickoff that he is worth $8.7 billion (Forbes puts the figure somewhere around $4 billion).

But even at the lower number, here’s a question: If he’s worth so much why, according to reports, did he pay actors a measly $50 to attend and pose as Trump supporters for the event at glittery Trump Tower? Couldn’t he afford to shell out a little bit more, maybe even a C-note?