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Duplicate Bridge: June 21

Two local clubs offer multiple games with extra points on Monday as part of the ACBL’s Longest Day bridge marathon, which benefits the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Games at the Airport Bridge Club will be at 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m., with free lunch. The Bridge Center of Buffalo has a game for players with fewer than 300 points at 11 a.m. and open games at 3 and 7:15 p.m., with free food.

The Airport Club offers triple points, half red, at its games Tuesday through next Saturday.

The Sectional Tournament at the Clubs (STaC) wraps up this Saturday with games at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Airport Club and noon at the Bridge Center.

Duplicate scores

Week of June 8 to June 14

ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Airport Bridge Club Monday – A: Paul Zittel and Liz Clark, 53.33%; B: Joe Rooney and Bill Boardman, 53.18%; C: Mike Mesirov and Sandra Rifkin, 52.14%. Tuesday – North-south, A/B: Barbara Pieterse and Paula Kotowski, 65.90%; C: Ruth Wurster and Barbara Sadkin, 53.73%; east-west, A: Paul Ganley and Mike Kisiel, 57.37%; B: Art Matthies and Mike Silverman, 52.49%; C: John and Jini Rubinstein, 52.39%. Wednesday – A/B: Ron and Cynthia Helfman, 58.33%; Martin Pieterse and Mike Silverman, 56.94%. Thursday – A: Tom Fraas and Judi Marshall, 62.71%; B: Marilyn Sultz and Ruth Wurster, 51.88%; Nancy Kessler and Martin Pieterse, 51.67%; C: Ron Henrikson and Art Schumacher, 45%. Friday – A: Michael and Ruth Kozower, 61.11%; B: Bill Boardman and Mike Silverman, 57.14%; C: Christine Malarkey and Ron Henrikson, 53.37%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Monday noon – 99ers. North-south, A/B: Laura Houghtaling and Janice Johnson, 60.42%; C: James and Karen Stephenson, 59.38%; east-west, A: Mary Ball and Henry Borkowski, 67.36%; B/C: Sue May and Margaret Zhou, 59.72%. Tuesday – Non-life masters. North-south, A: Kathy Stamm and Celine Murray, 58.14%; Natalie Abramson and Richard McGowan, 56.63%; B: Jim McClure and Pat Kilbury, 54.92%; Sandra Scheff and Beverly Isenberg, 54.55%; east-west, A/B/C: Terrence Camp and Rao Perala, 58.52%. Wednesday – North-south, A/B: Claire Gareleck and Cathy Majewski, 61.01%; east-west, A: Stan Kozlowski and Jerry Geiger, 60.42%; Bud Seidenberg and Fred Yellen, 60.12%; B: Barbara Landree and Andrei Reinhorn, 43.45%. Thursday noon – 0-750 Game. North-south, A/B: Natalie Abramson and Paula Rosen, 61.06%; Jane Roberts and Laura Houghtaling, 55.87%; east-west, Sandra Morrison and Celia Linder, 57.01%; A/B/C: Ginny Panaro and Judy Zeckhauser, 56.90%; Jim and Gloria Brown, 55.01%. Thursday evening – North-south, A/B: Teresa Fraas and Cathy Majewski, 60.12%; Howard Foster and Mike Ryan, 56.55%; C: Jan O’Mara and Edith Knaszak, 46.13%; east-west, A/B/C: Sandi England and Tom Koralewski, 54.76%. Friday – North-south, A/B: Judy Padgug and Berta Brown, 57.74%; David Millward and Meg Klamp, 57.44%; C: Betty Metz and Helen Panza, 46.13%; east-west, A: Bud Seidenberg and Jay Costello, 59.23%; Judy Graf and Joan Rose, 55.65%; B/C: Cathy Majewski and Jo Nasoff-Finton, 52.08%.

Bridge Club of East Aurora – Enid Sweet and Ann Battaglia, 64.74%; Maureen Cancilla and Philip Kintner, 63.99%; Ken Meier and Joe Rooney, 62.5%.

Bridge Club Meridian – A: Dian Petrov and Ted Kahn, 58.22%; Chris Urbanek and Meg Klamp, 57.76%; B: Davis Heussler and Linda Burroughsford, 57.06%.

Delaware Wednesday – North-south, Bill Rich and Gene Nowatniak, 59.9%; Edna Fill and Nancy Acara, 57.81%; east-west, Jennifer Reynolds and Mike Brown, 68.13%; Lance and Pam Pollock, 54.38%.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday – Art Morth and Dian Petrov, 69.27% Roy Crocker and John Lewis, 63.43%; James and Paula Jones, 59.38; Barbara and John Scott, 55.21%. Saturday – Unit 116 Strawberry Social. North-south, Jay Levy and Meg Klamp, 61.70%; Ron Henrikson and Eva Schmidt, 58.65%; east-west, Bud Seidenberg and Fred Yellen, 61.70%; Chongmin Zhang and Wufeng Luo, 60.10%.

Other clubs

ABA Humboldt – Diana Brown and Vivian Harris, 72.50%; (tie) Parmalier Murphy and David Mathis, Pamela Murphy and Marcia Turley, 47.50%. Amherst Sr. Center Monday – North-south, Jill and Bruce Brown, 59%; Herb Falk and Marv Feuerstein, 57%; east-west, Mike Brown and Ron Fill, 62%; Diane Forrest and Joanne Zavarella, 60%. Thursday – North-south, Peg Gorham and George Mayers, 60%; Shirley Cassety and Sam Grossman, 59%; east-west, Tim Hartnett and David Young, 58%; Mike Brown and Ron Fill, 57%. Canterbury Woods – North-south, Mary Blanchard and Ruth Jones, 70%; Dick Munschauer and Jeannette Reid, 50%; east-west, Ruth Axelrod and Nita Farrell, 56.3%; Evie Miller and Emmy Wettlaufer, 53.1%. Clarence Sr. Center – Sukhanand Jain and Bill Westley, 64%; Marge McMillen and Bill Adolf, 55%. Tonawanda Sr. Center – North-south, Mike Brown and Ron Fill, 57.7%; Mike and Pat Weber, 56.7%; east-west, Idamae Klipfel and Bob Rivard, 60%; Joanne Biondo and Esther Ferris, 56.2%.