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Letter: Corrections system has hit breaking point

Corrections system has hit breaking point

The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision has morphed into a system that is a shell of itself from just a few years ago. We are now seeing the results of what happens when you stress a system to its breaking point. While we do not fully know all of the details on the recent escape at Clinton, one thing we do know is the once proud DOCCS is not the same.

We see this every day as we have complained almost daily about the rise in assaults and the eroding morale within our facilities. Our employees simply do not feel safe or trust the decisions within DOCCS upper management. More attention is paid to saving the almighty dollar and catering to inmates as opposed to those who keep the law. DOCCS has ended some work-release programs with the closures of facilities like Fulton. Now we have groups that have advocated for the support of inmates over the rights of staff and their surrounding communities, and employees have paid for that with injuries.

DOCCS has a habit of playing risk management and closes posts on a daily basis, further jeopardizing the safety of employees and communities alike. The department hires high-paid managers who accept zero responsibility for their failed policies all the while cutting vital front-line workers. When is enough enough?

Vinny Blasio

Lake View