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Front page June 19, 1915: 'Triple slayer killed by Jamestown police as he fires at them'

Among the local news on the day's front page:

"Frederick A. Shaver murders father and stepmother and fatally wounds Patrolman Kendall, who tried to capture him"

"JAMESTOWN -- Hudson A. Shaver, prominent for many years as one of the city's foremost business men and hotel owners, was shot to death in his apartments in Brooklyn square, late yesterday afternoon, by his son, Frederick A. Shaver. The latter then opened fire upon Ruth Campbell Shaver, his father's girl bride, killing her instantly. Reloading his rifle with which he had done the shooting, Shaver turned to confront Patrolman George Kendall. Without warning, he began firing, sending two bullets into the policeman's body. Kendall died within an hour.

"Barricading himself in the room, Shaver stood vigilantly on guard with his rifle and several times fired over the heads of the great throng of people gathered in the street below. Policemen armed with high power army magazine rifles obtained from Company E., 65th infantry, firing from the unoccupied Hotel Frederick directly opposite the Shaver apartments, finally succeeded in hitting the murderer."

The article continues to describe in great detail how Frederick Shaver had threatened to kill his father if his father wed Ruth Campbell. Click on the image below to view a larger version.

June 19 1915

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