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Elma makes 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!,' thanks to Bill Hader

Remember the time Bill Hader came to Iroquois High to help a student pull a prank on her senior class? He does, and thanks to "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," so do people across the United States.

Hader, a comedian famous for his time on "Saturday Night Live," visited the school June 11 at the request of Grace Aroune, a cancer survivor and Make-A-Wish recipient. A video uploaded to YouTube shortly after shared the moment that Hader surprised the class in the gymnasium, but left unclear the full extent of the prank. That got explained on Kimmel's show.

Hader starts off by telling Kimmel that Aroune asked him to pose as a firefighter.

Kimmel interrupts Hader at that point. "I love the kid whose wish is to screw with others," he said.

Hader's response: "She's awesome!"

He goes on to explain exactly how he and Aroune fooled her classmates. The video below includes footage filmed from his trip to Elma, as well as reference to high school students as "outbreak monkeys" and plenty of praise for Aroune's quick thinking. See for yourself:

[bn_youtube id="WKfu9GF65Ys"]

Of course, after watching that, you're going to want to see the full prank, right? Good news! Make-A-Wish filmed it.

[bn_youtube id="J5KVgn9u3u8"]


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