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Letter: Senior prank at Iroquois was surely one of the best

Senior prank at Iroquois was surely one of the best

The end of the year in many local high schools is accompanied by senior pranks. Many, such as letting thousands of ladybugs loose within the school, are just dumb and don’t mean much. But on June 11 at my school, Iroquois Senior High, we had a beautiful and touching one.

Grace Aroune, a graduating senior and thyroid cancer survivor, used her Make-A-Wish to “prank” the entire student body into thinking we were having an assembly on fire safety. With the help of the Elma Fire Company, including fire trucks, she tricked the student body. What began as a fire safety assembly turned into a surprise meet-and-greet with Bill Hader, the famous comedian from “Saturday Night Live,” who flew all the way from L.A. to make Grace’s dream a reality.

Many said it was the best senior prank we have had in a long time. It just goes to show that senior pranks do not have to be foolish. As I learned, they can be beautiful.

Drake Thomas Meaney