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Letter: Lazy parents produce disrespectful children

Lazy parents produce disrespectful children

In this column last week, there were two letters regarding children and discipline. One pertained to city schools getting serious about discipline. The other pertained to leaving unruly children at home during a parent’s doctor appointment. One would ask why our children are so unruly.

Schools are having so much trouble teaching our children and we are blaming the teachers for the low test scores. We don’t need new superintendents; we need the administration to go back to the way it was over 30 years ago. We need to start backing up teachers when they expect their students to show respect to their teachers and other pupils and let the teacher actually teach. We need the administration to back the teacher when parents complain that the teacher is pushing their children to do what is expected of their grade level.

Usually, the child who rules the parent at home thinks that he can do the same thing at school, and that is the child who disrupts the whole class and it is his parents who also show no respect for the teacher or the school system. Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are more of these lazy, disrespectful parents who seem to run the teachers ragged with their unruly children than good parents of children who want to learn, but can’t due to the unruly child. I’m sure when these lazy parents come into the school, it is quite obvious the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I know we can’t go back to the way the nuns used to run their classroom by slapping the children on the hands, but we can go back to enforcing discipline and respect for all.

Lorraine Ceccarelli