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Letter: Cheektowaga still has a long way to go on race

Cheektowaga still has a long way to go on race

I read The News editorial on the Cheektowaga Police Department acting on preventing racial problems in the town. My wife’s car broke down in Cheektowaga, as she was driving home from work. While she waited for the tow truck, a police officer began to question her, asking if she was on drugs or had been drinking. Then he asked if he could look around, and when my wife was looking for the tow truck, he reached in the car and began to search her purse. Now, I must make it clear that my wife was not pulled over for any legitimate reason, she simply was having car trouble. Also, I should mention that she is African-American.

This was after the so-called “incredibly courageous” racial bias seminar that the officers attended. Lorie Fridell goes around the country giving these seminars and the reviews are mixed, at best. She is just one of many overeducated professors who call themselves experts, but I doubt she has any idea what it’s like to be a cop in an urban setting, or to live in an impoverished neighborhood.

Next, the editorial brought up the tragic death of a poor girl who was struck and killed by a dump truck while crossing Walden Avenue. The writer stated that this incident is “part of the fabric of the town’s existence” – whatever that means. The truth is that most people of the town didn’t think twice about it and most don’t even remember it.

I take pride in the fact that my first job was delivering a quality newspaper every morning at 6 a.m. It was called the Courier-Express.

Edward J. Lawrence