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June 18, 1970: Find Buffalo's most 'Happy Days' feel near Sheridan and the boulevard

The saccharine nostalgic view of the '50s and '60s in America presented on “Happy Days” and “American Graffiti” could have been based on the lives of the teens who cruised along Sheridan Drive near Niagara Falls Boulevard during those times.

There was no “Arnold’s” where Fonzie could hit the jukebox, but there were at least a dozen hot dog and hamburger joints in a mile radius of that intersection. Ted’s, Pat’s and Scime’s were further up Sheridan, but right at the intersection of the boulevard and Sheridan, there was Henry’s and Carrol’s.

At Maple and the Boulevard, there was a hamburger stand that didn’t seem too much different than all the others — but by 1970, McDonald’s was a part of the changing face of fast food.

Gleasons was another of those 1960s burger joints. The home of the Hi-Burger was across Niagara Falls Boulevard from the Boulevard Mall between Sheridan and Maple, about where “Guitar Center” is now located.

16 june 1970 gleasons hamburgers

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