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Graffiti tagger BONX pleads guilty

The notorious graffiti tagger known as BONX pleaded guilty Thursday to criminal mischief in the third degree for spray painting a freeway underpass, but according to prosecutors, he has a much wider portfolio around the city.

Buildings and other structures on East Market, Ellicott, Exchange and Seneca streets, along with Blossom Alley, Genesee, Main and Michigan, plus LaSalle Park – all allegedly have been defaced by Nathaniel J. Parsons, 22, of the Town of Boston.

Parsons entered his guilty plea before Erie County Court Judge Michael L. D’Amico after the charges were waived from City Court.

Police described Parsons as one of the most prolific and notorious graffiti taggers in Buffalo before his arrest March 19. He was spotted by Matt Galas, a Norfolk Southern Railroad police officer, apparently checking his work on a bridge abutment at South Park Avenue near Smith Street. He had his tools with him: gloves, spray paint and a drawing of his tag on a sheet of paper.

Prosecutors are asking for restitution of more than $10,000, which Parsons’ attorney assured the court would be paid. It is also expected that community service – usually cleaning graffiti – will be included when he is sentenced Sept. 8.

Sam Lunetta, head of the Regional Anti-Graffiti Task Force of Buffalo, said after the plea that his group feels it is making progress against the taggers. The group documents graffiti around the city so that when an arrest is made, investigators have a database they can use immediately when interviewing the suspects.