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Eric Andre pushes the comedy boundaries

Eric André is not your typical comedian, as his self-titled show on Adult Swim (12:30 a.m. Fridays) deconstructs the entire late-night talk-show format. How so? André destroys the set and attacks members of his house band during his entrance. There’s only one seat next to the host’s desk, so sidekick Hannibal Burris stands awkwardly nearby whenever there’s a guest on. The guests are baffled by André’s non-sequitur line of questioning. Even André’s “Man on the Street” segments grow increasingly tense to the point that regular people want to fight the host. It’s arguably the most experimental late-night talk show since the early years of David Letterman’s “Late Night” on NBC.

André does have more conventional credits, such as his current gig on the FXX series, “Man Seeking Women,” or his stand-up routine, which he brings to the Tralf Music Hall at 8 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $15 (box office, Ticketmaster). Call 852-2860.

– Mark Ciemcioch

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