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City Hallways ( June 18) I tried to park in FruitBelt

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Morning drive in  Fruit Belt
I  drove through the Fruit Belt shortly before 8:30 this morning. It was already tough to find a parking spot.   This photo is on High Street going east toward Jefferson. It was pretty much the same on Carlton, Maple and Mulberry.
The parking shortage is  the reason Fruit Belt residents want residential permit parking.  Nearby Medical Campus employees take up  their parking spots, the residents say. "We have seniors who must park three blocks down to get to their homes, not to mention the issues of loading and unloading groceries and the like," said neighborhood advocate Veronica Hemphill-Nichols.  As my colleague Tom Precious is reporting from Albany, the plan needs state approval, and  CSEA opposes the plan.  Seems the unionized workers prefer free parking on Fruit Belt streets to paid parking on the Medical Campus.  The union also says there's not enough on-campus parking. No surprise there since Med Campus administrators have long said there wouldn't be, and urge employees to consider mass transit, car pooling or walking or biking to work. Still, as long as the legislature is in session, neighborhood advocates aren't giving up. "We still have time. Please keep calling all the state senators  and spread the word," Nichols emailed supporters Wednesday night.

Money matters
All candidates in New York State running for office this year are suppose to file their  latest  campaign fundraising and spending reports next month.  So with all nine council members as well as the city comptroller up for re-election, I thought I'd make a quick check on how much money each had the last time they filed. For most - but not all - that was January, which was the last campaign filing deadline.

We'll start with the comptroller, Mark Schroeder: $33,172
Then the councilmembers:
Rich Fontana, Lovejoy: $5,094
Dave Franczyk, Fillmore: $4,691
Joe Golombek, North: $25,231
Mike LoCurto, Delaware: $14,974
Darius Pridgen, Ellicott, , council president: $24,737
Dave Rivera, Niagara:$17,520
Chris Scanlon, South: $4,380
Demone  Smith, Masten: -$1,720
Rasheed Wyatt, University: $2,525

Heard in the Hall
I learn so much by eavesdropping on the tours given in City Hall just about every day. Earlier this week, for  example, I learned  the City Hall elevators don't have electric eyes. So don't throw your arm into a closing elevator door  thinking that's going to get the doors to reopen.  Apparently all it will do is hurt your arm. Useful advice.

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