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Boston considers cell phone tower proposed by Hamburg

Town of Boston officials are considering a cell phone tower that Hamburg Emergency Services Coordinator Sean Crotty proposed.

Boston Town Councilman Jay P. Boardway said the tower would be located on Boston State Road near the State Police substation.

The cell tower would serve a dual purpose, Boardway said, as emergency services personnel sometimes have communication problems in the valley.

“It would alleviate that problem,” Boardway said, noting that the proposed tower would include a repeater, which retransmits signals so that they can go longer distances over obstructed areas such as valleys.

Boardway also said this endeavor could be profitable for the town but it is not coming soon..

“It is not an immediate thing,” he said. 

Town Attorney Michael L. Kobiolka is looking at the contract proposal. He also noted that a public hearing would have to be held on the proposal.

Although the councilman said he is still giving thought to the idea, he is leaning towards the notion that it would be a “good idea.”

In another matter, Boardway asked that the board table accepting the resignation of Beverly Kent as chairman of the town’s zoning board of appeals. He said he was told that clashing of some strong personalities may have led to her decision to resign and that he believes the board should try talking her into rescinding her resignation request.

This also led the board to table a related resolution to appoint a new zoning board chairman, as well as to hold off on appointing Courtney Mead as a regular member until board members talk to Kent.