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Machias discusses drones and animal waste

A relatively short meeting of the Machias Town Board on Monday saw a discussion on the use of drones and a resident’s concern about animal waste on area roads.

In a round table discussion, Councilman Roy Spalti said that the town needs to address the use of drones and how they relate to trespass when used over people’s homes, stating a problem with privacy issues. Supervisor Matthew S. Bull said that he is interested in knowing what the Association of Towns says about the matter.

Town Clerk Cheryl King received a phone call from a Machias resident asking what the town can do about animal waste on the road. Bull said that the vehicle and traffic law makes exceptions for animal manure. The town could make an ordinance regarding waste, but cannot do anything that supersedes the vehicle and traffic laws. The town would still have to be concerned about enforcing any proposed ordinance. Spalti said that there cannot be any infringement on agriculture.

Specifications for a new broom were presented, and Highway Superintendent Richard Dash said he would check on the air conditioning for the unit before the town advertises for bids. The project cost of the new broom is about $50,000.

The recent chicken BBQ sold out, raising $1,600 for the town’s recreation department. Bull thanked the fire department for its help with the event. The town pool is tentatively scheduled to open on June 26.

Jim McGarvy is working on the park shelter, making good progress. He will work on the courthouse some time in June.

A resolution was passed that keeps the town in the cyclical re-appraisal plan/reassessment plan that the town has been involved with through the County Office of Real Property Services. The resolution will keep the town in the plan for three more years with the existing model.

In an email from King, she said that with regard to the shared services and efficiency report for the tax freeze plan, among the fire department, library and the Town, the amount that had to be met was $8,491 per year or $25,473 for the next three years. Machias submitted a total of $43,875 in shared services with Franklinville’s Dog control officer, and sharing the cost of the fire department parking lot as well as efficiency in employee benefits, utilities and liability insurance.