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Super Handyman: Drawing bead on hidden leak

While searching for something under my kitchen sink, I discovered a small leak at the rear of my food disposal, or at least that’s where it seemed to be coming from.

I tried to get far enough into the cabinet to see the area in question but still couldn’t locate the problem. I ended up using my flashlight, along with a good hand mirror, to check out what was going on. Thank goodness that it was easy to fix!


Q: I have a plain holder for toilet tissue that has two parts connected to the wall – at least, they are supposed to be connected. Every time I need to change the roll, one or both of the pieces come off the wall.

What can I do to make them stay in place? – C.V.

A: Standard screws probably were all that was used to hang them originally. Plastic anchors also might have been used. But these usually don’t last very long. Remove these and install larger anchors or metal molly bolts.

These may have to be placed next to the original holes, so you might need to use drywall repair compound to fill the old holes first.

These new anchors should hold for a long time.

Tips from readers

I have a new clothesline in my backyard. It’s actually nice to have one again. I’ve started finding extra uses for the clothespins, too, since I have them around more now. I glued a couple of them on my pantry wall for hanging spice, gravy and sauce packets. These things used to get lost in a big messy pile before this idea came to me. I’m thinking of more uses, too, and will get back to you as I find them. – J.R.


I’ve been cleaning out my garage and trying to make more room for a bigger lawn mower. I decided to try to mount my extension ladder on the backyard fence next to the pool net. I installed a couple of heavy-duty hangers to hold it. Then I got a cable and lock to keep it there. Finally, it’s out of the garage and out of sight for the most part, too! The new mower is a dream. – D.S.


I liked the idea of putting a concrete topper over my old, chipping patio. But I wanted to give it a better look. I used some finishing tools to make the topper look like stones. I spread it out, and then as it was setting up, I carved out some fake joints to make it look like it was made of stones. After it set, I installed some real grout into these areas. It really does look pretty neat. – H.M.

A super hint

Need a privacy screen for your apartment balcony? Grow one. Use pots, soil, string and some fast-growing vines to create some privacy. Try planting green beans or morning glories to block the neighbor’s view.


How many times have you lost your car keys? Now there’s a simple tag that you can put on your key ring to help you locate them. The XY tags are small, about an inch wide, with a small hole so you can clip them on your keys, your laptop bag, your dog’s collar, your purse, briefcase or a thousand other items.

Then you install the app on your phone and sync it with your valuables. You can use as many tags as you need and install photos of the items to which they’re attached. These are simple to use, and you even can ask others in your area who have the app to help you find these things. Check it out at