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Letter: Decrepit Central Terminal should be torn down now

Decrepit Central Terminal should be torn down now

“Let’s use Central Terminal to our greatest advantage,” was the title of a June 5 letter written by one heck of an advocate. She would like to make the Central Terminal a transportation hub to all commercial points in Buffalo and surrounding areas.

If the Central Terminal, in my opinion, doesn’t implode in the near future as I think it might, and if it didn’t cost over $20 million to refurbish, as was reported in the Investigative Post, and if there was a developer in sight willing to take the plunge, she might have a creditable point. However, the fact of the matter is, the Central Terminal is an unsafe relic of the past and should be torn down before it falls down, as it already shows signs of doing, because of its continual deterioration.

Transportation to the airport, to downtown, to the Walden Galleria and other commercial enterprises is readily available by Metro Bus, shuttle bus and privately subsidized transport, which does not explode public budgets.

I’m sure the writer means well and I respect her loyalty to a once great edifice that is no longer viable. Expecting the Central Business District to expand eastward from one of the poorest neighborhoods in our city, using the Central Terminal as a hub and a jump-start, is not feasible in my humble opinion. The repetition of a mantra like hers and others is admirable, but predictably futile as it has been for the last 30 years.

Norman Machynski