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Walden and Central intersection to be enlarged

The busy Walden and Central avenues intersection in Lancaster is slated to be enlarged, possibly as early as 2016.

The state Department of Transportation has not issued any formal statement about its plans and no details could be verified by press time Monday evening.

But Lancaster Supervisor Dino J. Fudoli Fudoli said during Monday’s Town Board meeting that the DOT has indicated it plans to enlarge the intersection and make it a bit larger to give more space for trucks and tractor-trailers to navigate the area.

The intersection is a busy one – busy enough that the village and town recently hired new crossing guards for it.

Fudoli indicated that about 10 to 15 feet in additional space will be made at each corner.

“They’ll take a few feet from each corner, and make a broader turning area for trucks and tractor-trailers,” Fudoli said.

The Bank of Akron on one corner will not be altered. A NOCO sign on one corner would have to be relocated, Fudoli said.

Fudoli said he has not yet been notified of any dates for public meetings on the state’s plans, though it’s a project likely slated for 2016.

In another matter, the subject of geese in the vicinity of Kohl’s Department Store on Transit Road became a somewhat heated topic between resident Mike Fronczak and Fudoli. Fronczak said store shoppers, like his wife, cannot go in the parking area without stepping in goose droppings.

“If they don’t clean their parking lot, don’t go there,” Fudoli said. “If it is that disgusting to you, go to Target (nearby). I go to Kohl’s all the time, and have never had a problem.”

Fronczak felt the town should look into the matter or contact state environmental conservation officials to alert them of the situation.

Fudoli disagreed. Nor did Fudoli think town officials should address it.

“We can’t just go into a private business and tell them to clean geese (poop) ... It’s not a rampant problem,” Fudoli said. “We don’t call our senators every time we need a goose shot off Transit Road.”