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Vietnam Wall taken down after successful weekend

LOCKPORT – The traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which had been on display outside Lockport Town Hall since Thursday, was taken apart Monday and trucked back to its Florida home.

Councilman Paul W. Siejak, whose idea it was to bring the wall here, said no one kept track of attendance, but he said the visit was well-patronized, even during rainy weather such as Sunday afternoon’s.

“It was a constant wall of people even when it was pouring,” Siejak said. “You should have seen the umbrellas.”

The three-fifths scale model of the memorial in Washington is inscribed with more than 58,000 names of military personnel killed in the Vietnam War. Siejak said there was a steady stream of visitors, even overnight.

“The ceremonies were well-attended, but even at 3 a.m., there were people coming,” he said. “I’m ecstatic at how well it turned out. … To me, it bonded our community together. The nitpicking and the negativity went away for a few days.”