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City Hallways (June 15) That $5 fee

Here's the back story on this week's  hallway photo. I was in Mayor Brown's outer office recently waiting for a press conference to start, and passing the time by looking at the mayoral portraits hanging on the walls. I took this photo of hizzoners  Steven Pankow, pictured on the left,  and James D. Griffin.   Many of us  remember  Griffin, Buffalo's alternatively brash and charming,  street-smart four-term mayor , who served from 1978 to 1993,   longer than any mayor  before or after him -- so far.(  Brown's in the middle of his third terms, and polls are showing he'd probably win a fourth if it was held now). I covered  Griffin during my early years at The Buffalo News, although I didn't get here until after Griffin's famous  "Stay at home, grab a six-pack and watch a good football game" line during the 1985 blizzard. A few year later, though, when I was covering one of his re-election campaign, a bar tender at a tavern Griffin frequented told me the mayor was actually a scotch man. Griffin died in 2008, at age 78.

I never met Pankow.   He served from 1954 to 1957 and died in 1993, at age 85. I was just reading though and learned he was a one-tine Bethlehem Steel  worker who became  Buffalo's first Polish-American mayor. "I always want people in Buffalo to remember me as having done something good for the city and its people," he said in 1985. "I never refused anyone, and I always had time to listen to all the people."

Calendar Items
University District Councilman Rasheed Wyatt scheduled morning press conference to discuss plans for the  University United Festival and Parade.
No City Hall meetings that I'm aware of today.

A Marina or a park?
The article I wrote last week about the Erie Basin Marina charging a $5 parking fee on special event days predictably got a lot of reaction and email.
One reader suggested  the city consider imposing two-hour parking limit at the marina during special events as a way to control parking without imposing a fee.
Another reader objected to the area being called a park. It's the Erie Basin Marina, she pointed out. Another used the parking issue topic as a reason to tell me that  marina slip fees are too high.
Another chided the city council for not realizing it had approved an addendum that allowed the marina operators to  charge a $5 parking fee when some other nearby lots are charging parking fees on special events day.
Here's the addendum the council approved June 10,2015 that raises the slip fees and allows for the $5 parking fee.   As you can imagine, the focus of the slip holders during the public hearing on the addendum  was definitely on the slip fees.  The parking item is  under Article 9.
Marina parking

For those who may have missed Sunday's Buffalo News, here's a story I had on the Steve Casey/Chris Grant aspect of the ongoing investigation by the state AG's office on political operative G. Steven Pigeon.

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