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Poem of the Week by Zachary Schomburg

Scary, No Scary

By Zachary Schomburg You’ll return to your childhood home after a lifetime away to find it abandoned. Its red paint will be completely weathered. It will have a significant westward lean. There will be a hole in its roof that bats fly out of. The old man hunched over at the front door will be prepared to give you a tour, but first he’ll ask scary, or no scary? You should say no scary. ZACHARY SCHOMBURG will join poet Alana Kelley, the musical group Small Houses and visual artist Nick Torsell as the featured artists at the first Silo City Reading Series event of 2015 at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Silo City complex on Ohio Street at Childs Street in Buffalo. The Portland, Ore.,-based poet, translator and publisher of Octopus Books is the author of four collections of poetry including “The Book of Joshua” (Black Ocean Press, 2014), “Fjords, volume 1” (Spork Press, 2012), and “The Man Suit” (Black Ocean 2007). He is currently living in France, where he is at work on his first novel, and translating the poems of Jacques Rebotier. This is the title poem of his 2009 collection “Scary, No Scary” published by Black Ocean Press.