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Letter: EPA report on fracking notes risks to water exist

EPA report on fracking notes risks to water exist

A June 5 News headline announces: “EPA report: No ‘systemic’ issues from fracking.” The words “systemic” and “widespread” are a good place to stop reading for those eager to inject millions of gallons of contaminated, permanently unusable fresh water into the ground for more fossil fuel.

Everyone who has money to make, from the oil and gas industry to a Steuben County dairy farmer, called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Department of Environmental Conservation to immediately reverse the state ban on hydrofracking. Reading the EPA’s statement further would reveal more nuance than the headline would imply. There are the phrases, “risks to water do exist,” “specific instances of spills, leaks and contamination,” “about 10,000 gallons of flowback fracking water spilled into … a designated Pennsylvania trout fishery” and “wells not properly cased can allow gas to seep into water supplies … in land formations containing drinking water.”

An online EcoWatch article titled, “Fracking does cause ‘widespread, systemic’ contamination of America’s drinking water,” points out “313 cases where families reported water contamination due to drilling, in just six counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania.” Sounds widespread and systemic to me.

Janet M. Goodsell

Grand Island