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It seems to us: Success comes with a price, doughnut deliveries and think before you speak

Here’s a problem few would have predicted a few years ago: a spike in demand for parking at the Erie Basin Marina.

That’s right. And as a result of that demand, which occurs during times when the city holds special events on and near the waterfront, there will be a $5 parking fee. For the first time. Ever.

Seems that a contract addendum lawmakers approved in April allowed the marina operator, Smith Boys, to impose the $5 parking fee.

While some Common Council members expressed surprise at the fine print on the addendum they approved, the common visitors among us will just have to pony up – maybe while grumbling.

But, hey, regulars at downtown events are used to paying to park, and often a lot more than $5. Parking lot operators have a stack of signs allowing them to post the highest price they think the traffic will bear. It’s capitalism at work, but no one thought it would ever happen at the Erie Basin Marina. What’s the hashtag for victim of our own success?

Considering America’s obesity epidemic, offering the opportunity to get a few thousand more calories delivered right to your door may not be the healthiest idea.

Yet, it’s on the table.

That’s what Dunkin’ Brands Group CEO Nigel Travis told CNBC’s “On The Money.” He said that doughnut delivery was “clearly a big opportunity” for the Quincy, Mass., company.

And clearly, one man’s big opportunity is another man’s big waistline. We think walking for your doughnuts – at least walking all the way to your car to head for your favorite drive-through – allows you to savor those treats a bit more.

Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk decided that a Senate Appropriations Committee meeting was a great time to joke with a colleague, forgetting that important rule of politics: know where the microphones are. Kirk said Lindsey Graham was a “bro with no ho,” referring to Graham’s unmarried status and his statement that if elected president he would have “rotating” first ladies.

A microphone picked up this tasteless comment and the Huffington Post and other outlets released the audio. The rest is social media history.

Kirk, who like Graham is a Republican, has a history of making tasteless statements. Something he may get a chance to reflect upon if he does not make it through his tough re-election in 2016. Yo, know what we’re saying?