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SNL star drops by Iroquois High, asks about Cheerios smell downtown

A comedian famous for his work on "Saturday Night Live" helped a local Iroquois student pull off a memorable senior prank Thursday night.

A clip uploaded to YouTube late June 11 shows a female student, identified by the videographer as Grace Aroune, introducing a "celebrity" who turns out to be a firefighter. Her classmates laugh, and then a voice from the audience interrupts.

"Hello? Hello? Anybody hear me? I just want to say something. Elma's hottest high school is Iroquois. This place has everything," says Bill Hader, who spent eight years with SNL and played the flamboyant "Weekend Update" correspondent Stefon, among other characters. A few (difficult to make out) lines later, he jogs out into the middle of the floor to loud shrieks and cheers.

[bn_youtube id="AHBA4QG2D6c"]

The student speaker tells her classmates she and Hader has been planning the Make-A-Wish sponsored prank for three months.

Hader talks to the crowd some more, and even gets asked to the prom -- twice. Hang around until about 4:00 of the video, and you'll hear Hader ask: "Also, why does your downtown smell like Cheerios?"

Here's a look at Hader in his farewell as Stefon, courtesy of NBC:

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