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Redskins mascot retirement postponed in Lancaster

Plans for the official retirement of the Lancaster Redskins mascot have been indefinitely postponed.

The official retirement of the Redskins tentatively had been planned to occur before the end of the school year. But school district leaders say the students need a break from the intensity of what occurred this year involving the mascot controversy and the last several weeks, when the new mascot, the Legends, was unveiled.

“These kids need an opportunity to enjoy their last two weeks of school, exams and their friends, parties and graduation,” Superintendent Michael J. Vallely said. “It’s really the last time many of them will see their friends. The kids did a wonderful job and I’m so proud of what they accomplished.”

But now, they have a right to enjoy what’s left of their school year, Vallely said.

Student leaders indicated that they are checking with other school districts to learn more about what they did when they retired their mascots.

Lancaster’s senior prom, which was Friday, is among the year-end activities, plus graduation.

In the fall, the new student leadership will revisit and begin studying the retirement of the Redskins mascot, Vallely said.

“We’ll regroup and revisit that. We haven’t even gotten that far, yet,” he said.

The district formally approved the new Legends mascot earlier in the week.

The old mascot can still be seen in visual images throughout school buildings, particularly on the high school campus.

The elaborate murals done by each graduating class for the last several years hang in the high school hallways, and they will always remain, the district has said.