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Letter: No need for alarm over board elections

No need for alarm over board elections

Contrary to the belief of some, the sky is not falling as a result of recent school elections where teachers were successful in winning some board seats. It was noted that in Williamsville, all three union-endorsed candidates won. Here is the other side of the issue.

Years ago, then Superintendent William Keller proposed a two-way voluntary exchange of 200 students, half from Buffalo and half from Williamsville. It awakened horrible responses and the public meetings were absolute nightmares. The School Board was seized by a local “civic” organization and Keller was pushed out. Those days were bleak for education. After a few years, the teachers were in fact successful, as in 2015, in electing three pro-education candidates while at least one incumbent was removed.

My point is that these elections are cyclical. By and large teachers are pretty content to just do their jobs, but be careful with extreme ideas. For example, a school board that supports a superintendent who has lost the confidence of both the administrators and the teachers will bring pushback. And besides, there is always next year’s election.

Robert Snyder

Clarence Center