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Alternative treatment uses human body’s ‘vibrations’ to detect imbalances in health

Total Body Analysis sounded strange to Julie Dahl when she heard about it 10 years ago, but she was desperate, so she gave it a try.

Dahl was 35 at the time, in the midst of a 16-year career in pharmaceutical sales, and had a lot of contacts in the medical field. Still, nobody could figure out what zapped most of her energy.

“I was on my back for a month, literally sick as can be,” she said. “I had chills, all sorts of weird neurological sensations. I was exhausted to the point where I couldn’t even go pick my son up from school.

“My sister recommended I go see this woman who does what I do now — TBA — over in East Aurora. She did a Total Body Analysis on me, explained the concept, and I knew within two days something was changing in my body. I was on my feet pretty close to normal within about a month.”

Dahl, a Colden native, veered far outside mainstream medicine in her quest for healing, a journey that led her to study under the guru of TBA, Dr. Reuben DeHaan of North Carolina, as well as Julie Hager, the Cross Current Health Care owner who treated her in East Aurora.

She quit her drug sales job three years ago and now runs Joules Wellness Studio (, on Quinby Drive in Hamburg. She considers what she does complementary alternative medicine. She stressed that what she does is not designed to replace traditional medical care.

“As wellness providers, we have to be very clear that we don’t diagnose, we don’t treat. That is not our realm,” she said. “That’s our health care system’s job to do. This gives people a missing puzzle piece they may want to add to their wellness care. Whether they want to work out or decide to go to the health food store and buy nutritional supplements, this is another piece in this side of equation.

“The beauty of this is that TBA cannot hurt anybody. There’s no harm in trying it, or trying other natural modalities.”

Doctors advise that those seeking such alternative treatments check with their primary physicians first, and warn against decisions to spurn medical treatment in favor of scientifically unproven approaches.

Q. What is Total Body Analysis?

A look at the body from an energetic frequency perspective. We have frequency vials in our kit that align with healthy body systems. Using applied muscle testing, or what’s sometimes called applied kinesiology, we’re able to see which systems are off balance. With TBA, you track to the “why” behind the imbalance. We look at things like chemical exposure, metals, bacteria, parasites. At the end, we put together a quantum, or energy-based, antidote that the client leaves with.

Q. What are these energy vials?

All matter has vibration, even a rock to a certain degree. There’s vibration in the human body and different systems in the human body. In this vial (she shows one), this is considered the vibration of a healthy large intestine. If I were to do an analysis and it came up that your large intestine isn’t at the frequency level it should be, we’d say, “Why is that?” We might track, for example, to fungus. From there, there’s a protocol, but I would imprint with a homeopathic remedy maker (several) vials and make you a quantum remedy: water infused with frequency.

I know – it’s out there.

Q. How many vials do you have?

I have vials that represent all the different body systems and all their individual parts. Everything from the skin to the liver to the glands. The vials contain the frequencies of the cells that make up those symptoms.

Q. How do you put energy frequency in water?

You use a remedy maker (machine). It copies and imprints the vials with frequencies into a bottle of distilled water (that’s consumed a bit at a time). … There have been mappings done, sort of like with Chinese meridians. I’m looking to align the vibrational frequencies of energy, to increase homeostasis.

Q. How can you do that?

It’s the human biofield. Some people call it an aura. They make this stuff all mystical. In reality, there’s a whole lot more going on in the body than we ever give it credit for. The body was designed to heal. You get the yuck out of the way and it’s amazing what will happen. We live in synthetic soup between all of our personal care products, food. Read a food label. Hundreds of thousands of chemicals have entered the U.S. marketplace since the 1970s. The modern world has wonderful inventions but if you look at it, the rates of degenerative disease have increased significantly.

Q. How can we get these toxins out?

The best example I can give you is this: You know we give someone a vaccine with a small amount of something and then the immune system is able to identify that and build its immunity around it? It’s the same sort of concept. For example, if you were exposed to a metal and your body needs to detox it, the frequency of that metal would come up (in muscle testing). Just giving a spark to the frequency of that metal gives the ability ... to instruct the body to get rid of it.