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Letter: Tuition tax credit would be fair to all

Tuition tax credit would be fair to all

I feel compelled to offer a rebuttal to a recent letter stating that New York State should not fund religious/private education. Catholic taxpayers are requesting only that our taxes go to this endeavor, not that all taxpayers subsidize payments to these private and/or church schools.

Those of us who have been paying for public education for a multitude of years ask only that we may designate sending our money to these special facilities. Ontario has allowed this system to exist since 1867 and it has worked well. All these Canadians need to do is to indicate on their invoices which private or Catholic schools they favor.

The writer states that the “tuition tax credit means the state and all its taxpayers are subsidizing religious education.” That is not necessarily what we are asking. It will not be, as he asserts, on “his” tax dollar, it will be on ours.

Since we have been paying our tax dollars for years for the education of other people’s children, does it not make sense that Gov. Andrew Cuomo consider letting us use our dollars for our own children’s education?

Why deny students whose parents cannot afford private or Catholic school tuition (or, even if they can), the superior education offered in these institutions? Test results prove this instruction to be of a higher rank and to cost a fraction of the price of public schooling.

Alice Szanyi