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Letter: Teen’s metamorphosis has been incredible

Teen’s metamorphosis has been incredible

Having taught middle school for over 30 years, I am acutely aware of the need to fit in. Children feel they must have the right jeans, the right sneakers and the right electronics. Add to that the stress of acne, braces and being too tall, too short, too heavy or too thin. Preteens face enormous pressure. Now imagine for a moment being an adolescent girl in a boy’s body.

Matti Harrington was the bravest student I have ever taught. I can’t imagine how frightened she must have been the first time she walked into math class wearing a beautiful dress and makeup. She ignored the comments and stares of those who could not accept her. She knew who she was meant to be and she had the strength of character to act accordingly.

Although she had many supportive friends, I know she spent many tearful nights struggling with being different. I am grateful to The News for sensitively documenting her transition. Matti, if you are reading this, your metamorphosis has been incredible. I am proud to know you.

Holly Bortel

Orchard Park