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"Entourage" film meets low expectations; "The Briefcase" tops Stanley Cup here

This is what I’m thinking:

You probably realize now that I’m not always a “normal” TV or movie viewer, whatever that means.

Further evidence arrived Tuesday when I read an article in The Buffalo News that said not many people like to go to the movies alone.

I do. In fact, I recently went to see the film "Entourage" by myself for a couple of reasons. It was raining. And I knew I couldn’t convince anyone to go because of the movie’s dreadful reviews from critics.

Now I was a pretty regular viewer of the HBO series so I didn’t go in expecting too many laughs. The series was more about friendship and skewering Hollywood than it was about providing laughs.

It was as good – or as bad – as I thought it would be. It was too long, but I sort of enjoyed it. It was a sweeter version of the crude series and it had a few laughs. My favorite moment was a cameo by Kelsey Grammer as he exited his therapist and met Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and his wife on the way in.

It isn’t a good film by any stretch of the imagination. But I imagine fans of the series will be much more satisfied than movie critics were.

By the way, I agree with the third reason in a national story published by The Buffalo News Wednesday about why the movie version of HBO’s version of “Sex and the City" did so much better at the box office than “Entourage” has done. The third reason was because “Sex” was marketed to women. My memory is that female fans of the show had girls’ nights out when the movie premiered. I can’t imagine many men did the same for “Entourage.”

In addition, it probably wasn’t smart to premiere “Entourage” a few days before a weekend that had many men glued to the tube to watch some big sporting events all day Saturday and Sunday night.

Chicago’s 2-1 victory over Tampa Bay in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final had a 5.3 local rating on cable’s NBCSN, up from a 4.3 here for Game 3. It out-drew the two NBC reality shows that aired on the broadcast network by 2-1 here. However, the CBS reality series “The Briefcase” was the big local winner with a 7.0 rating on Channel 4. A “Criminal Minds” repeat also beat the game here with a 6.8. I’ve called the NHL and NBC’s decision to carry Games 3 and 4 on cable “foolish” but the reality shows do better nationally than they do locally in this strong hockey market.

In case you are wondering, the local ratings for the first three games of the NBA Finals between Cleveland and Golden State are averaging a 7.3 rating, which is up more than 30 percent from last year’s finals between San Antonio and Miami.

If last weekend was any indication, NBC better do a better job censoring some crude language by athletes. During Serena Williams’ French Open title victory Saturday, NBC analyst Mary Carillo apologized for the tennis star’s language, which led to a warning from the chair umpire. And a few hours letter, an excited member of the American Pharoah team let out a mild expletive after the horse won the Belmont and Triple Crown. I doubt too many adults were offended in either case, but NBC might be wise to use a delay of a few seconds to escape the attention of people complaining to the FCC.


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