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Letter: Redefining marriage disrespects Christianity

Redefining marriage disrespects Christianity

A recent letter from a reader whose Irish Catholic heritage has brought her pride in Ireland’s vote to support gay marriage was misinformed on several issues. She mentions clergy who are excommunicated for being gay as well as a mother who feels her gay daughter is not accepted by the church. This is gravely misstated. The Catholic Church not only welcomes our LGBT brothers and sisters, it loves them and teaches us to love all the children of God, even our enemies. And the church does not excommunicate gay priests who honor their vows.

However, whether gay or straight, we are called to follow the commandments and teachings of the church. Redefining marriage is not a courageous act toward equality but an indulgent mask for acceptance, disrespecting the tenets and teachings of Christianity. Tolerance is sometimes an excuse that allows evil to flourish when we do not speak up for the truth.

I’m Irish, too, and I have no problem with a civil ceremony and equal rights for those who love each other, but my faith teaches marriage is between a man and a woman. Government does not have the right to impose laws or change what has been the fundamental building block of human civilization and an indisputable Christian belief without serious consequences. From time to time, Christianity goes through the painful throes of cleansing, but we emerge a stronger church not by change but by faith.

Dawn Curazzato