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Super Handyman: Odd-shaped repairs in the bag

I recently bought a slow cooker online, and it turned out to be damaged when I received it. I thought I could glue it back together, as the damaged section was not in the cooking area. I glued the pieces back on, but then I needed to clamp it in place until the glue had set up. It definitely was an odd shape, so I grabbed a bag of dried beans to use as a weight to hold the pieces together. The bag conformed to the rounded shape and was heavy enough to do the job. I also could have created my own weighted bag with a plastic bag and some sand, cornmeal or any number of other things. That, too, would have worked pretty well.


Q: Our refrigerator seems as if it needs to be adjusted, and, of course, it has a dial for doing so. But what is the proper temperature supposed to be? How can I get it just right? – N.G.

A: Your freezer should be anywhere from zero to 5 degrees, and your refrigerator ought to be just above freezing, maybe 35 degrees. Place a portable thermometer inside for several hours to get a good reading, and then make adjustments. Set the freezer first, then adjust the opening between the refrigerator and the freezer to get the fridge temperature just right.

Tips from readers

I put up a pegboard wall in my garage for storing tools. The problem I seem to have is that those hooks just slip and fall out sometimes, which is a real bother to me. What I have done is put a blob of caulk onto each hook as I install it. That way, the hooks stay in place. This helps a lot. – T.R.


I hope you will try this cleaning tip. It works great for me and saves me a lot of time. I just drop two denture-cleaning tablets into the toilet tank and let them work overnight. This cleans the mineral deposits that build up inside the tank and can cause things to not work properly. I do this once a month, and it seems to help. I think trying to do this any other way would be really difficult. This way is super easy. – P.S.


I love solar lights for my yard. They are so easy to use, and the lack of wiring makes them perfect for me, since I’m not much of a super handyman. I use them along walkways, but have also placed them in potted plants on my patio, where I don’t have any lighting. They do a nice job of lighting the front door and the front steps.

I do have to change the batteries, but it’s worth it. – E.F.

A super hint

Decals can add pizazz to whatever wall you wish. Check online sources or hobby stores. There are many styles, phrases and even custom designs. They’re fairly inexpensive and easy to install.


The StoveStop FireStop automatic suppressor is a super addition to your kitchen. It has been around for a while, but if you don’t know about it or don’t have one in your kitchen, check it out. It’s the size of a tuna can and has a magnet on top so you easily can stick it right onto your range hood. FireStop is designed to automatically dispense a fire retardant in case your range flares up during cooking. It’s small, discreet, inexpensive and certainly easy to install. Check it out at