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Letter: Lobbyists corrupting our elected officials

Lobbyists corrupting our elected officials

Why lobbyists? Much time, effort and money are spent electing legislators who are, we hope, intelligent and honest to represent us. We trust that they will do just that.

Enter lobbyists, who are paid well by special interest groups (major energy and tobacco firms, drug companies, etc.) to pressure our legislators to put their agenda before the wants and needs of those who put them in office. Many of these lobbyists are past politicians who use their friendships with our legislators to pressure them to act on their agenda.

Let us put a stop to this practice and return the government to the people. With almost instant communications, legislators know where their people stand on issues. Legislators should vote on behalf of those who put them in office and not be swayed by pressure from their old friends, now lobbyists. There would be less temptation for money and or gifts changing hands also.

Eileen McKenna

East Aurora