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City Hallways (June 9) Casting off; forever loved

Calendar Items:
Common Council meeting this afternoon. Lots on the agenda, including the sale of 639 Main St. to Benchmark Development, which will be bringing an AMC theater to the building.


A mother's love
As Mayor Brown stood in his outer office Monday to announce some crime fighting initiatives, he was flanked by police brass and the Peacekeepers, a community group that works with police and in the neighborhoods. Also in the group were a few people whose pain doesn't go away. Sandra Green was among them.
Green has become the face of  pain and anguish for the families of homicide victims in Buffalo.
IMG_2042At the beginning of 2007, one of her sons, 31-year-old Steven E. Barney Jr., accidentally stepped on a teenager's foot leaving an Atlanta restaurant. The perceived affront cost Barney his life. The teenager shot and killed him. Police arrested the killer, and he went to prison for life. At the court proceedings, Sandra Green recalled, the killer's family was absent. No mother or father came to the court room for him.

Later in 2007,  Sandra Green's other son, Corey D. Green, 21, was fatally shot outside a Walden Avenue ice cream parlor. Green was an innocent victim, police said. No one has been charged in his death.

"There  are many people effected by this. I am.," Sandra Green said of the gun violence that takes so many young lives.
"As a mother," she said, she will never forget her sons, and never stop wanting to see Corey Green's  killer brought to  justice."

"Guns don't kill people," she said. "People with guns kill people. Until we start to step up and speak up and let people know when someone is doing something wrong, this situation will continue to fester in our community," she said.
"I am not forgetting my child Steven," Sandra Green said.  " I am not forgetting my child Corey.
"I'll  never forget."


Casting off
After going  around with a cast on his wrist for months,,  Masten Councilman Demone Smith is cast free.
Cast came off Thursday. There's a small scar from surgery, but Smith says his hand is feeling fine. For those who may not have heard, Smith showed up at a press conference April 20 with a cast on  his wrist. The councilman had fallen on a set of icy stairs in February. It hurt,  but he figured it would get better. It didn't, so over a month later, Smith went to the doctor to get it checked out. He had broken his wrist, needed surgery and a cast.

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