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Letter: Let the Middle East fight its own battles

Let the Middle East fight its own battles

Political journalist Michael Kingsley wrote a very insightful article about the last quarter-century of U.S.-instigated wars. He pointed out that both Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush started us on a useless quest and the current quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan. Beginning with Kuwait, which was not a democracy, and marching on to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc., we have seen no spread of democracy in the Middle East (even in Egypt). In fact, we never really understood the tribal nature of these societies.

Now we have some presidential candidates who are determined to defeat ISIS (we are the ones who gave the group its opportunity). Haven’t we learned from Vietnam (40-plus years ago) and these Middle East debacles that we cannot defeat these people? Who are these politicians who wish to put more of our troops in harm’s way, further creating hatred toward our country and citizens? Leave the Middle East alone. Let these countries fight their own battles. Put those multibillions of dollars to work on improving education, infrastructure (which provides jobs) and safeguarding our own country.

Ginger B. Maiman