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Letter: Vietnam veterans deserve our thanks

Vietnam veterans deserve our thanks

While a recent letter writer protested the Vietnam War, my brother was in a Japanese hospital recovering from wounds he got in a battle with the Viet Cong, who never cared about their own people while they were fighting. The Americans were the ones who were there fighting for the Vietnamese people.

After Japan, he was sent to a hospital in the states for further surgery. My parents were sent a letter from his superiors, telling them that it was a good time for him to learn to use a fork and spoon again, shower and brush his teeth.

Just because Jimmy Carter allowed draft dodgers to come back into this country, they didn’t have to return if they didn’t like it here. If they were so bothered by what happened here, why did they come back?

My brother enlisted while others ran away to avoid the draft. Some of the young men who did serve had no choice. They had to go, and gave their lives as a result. That is the honor and dignity we give to our veterans for all the service they gave us.

The next time that writer has anything to say about the service men and women of this country, write it down, then take the paper and throw it in the garbage where it belongs.

Angela Grisanti Scherer

Clarence Center