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Letter: Guardrails would have saved young boy’s life

Guardrails would have saved young boy’s life

Buffalo and Western New York have a long, sorry and often tragic history of indifference to the plight of pedestrians. Automobile accommodation, however, is another matter. It is very telling that on the Scajaquada there are guardrails separating the east- and westbound lanes (can’t have the cars crashing into each other!) and guardrails along the entrance and exit ramps, but only a 5-inch curb separating the cars from pedestrians in the park. Who’s doing the thinking around here?

Evidence of this design flaw has been around for some time. Recently, for example, a car left the expressway, crossed the foot path and ended up in Hoyt Lake. I am aware of several other similar accidents. Now, following the totally preventable death of a young child, our reactive politicians come crawling out of the woodwork screaming for action. What a pity these eager beavers didn’t address this obvious problem a little sooner.

Bill Durfee