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The most dreaded fitness test at the NHL Combine: The bike test

The most dreaded station among the seven fitness tests is the Wingate Cycle Ergometer.

Here’s how it works – players get on the bike and warmup for two minutes. They increase their cadence until they reach their maximum pedaling capacity then go as hard as they can for 30 seconds as resistance is added to the bike.

“I think it’s just you psyche yourself out,” Jack Rosolvic said. “It’s kinda like the whole week. We’re all athletes here and we all like to push ourselves to the max so I think it’s more the mental side that hurts people from time to time but I think that physically we’re all capable.”

“Everybody says it’s the hardest 30 seconds of your life,” Karch Barchman said. “I could definitely attest to that after doing it today. It starts fine, the weight goes on everything’s fine for the first 15 seconds and then second half is just horrible.  You get over it.”

Caleb Jones didn’t think it was all so bad.

“It’s a 30-second all-out burst of explosiveness,” Jones said. “It’s tiring but it’s not too bad when you’re into it.”

For Dennis Gilbert, it’s the perfect metaphoric ending to Combine week: “Everyone tries to work as hard they can and push themselves to the limit for that 30 seconds and when you’re done with that it’s definitely a good way to end the week because it kinda sums it all up – the challenge and the hardship to go through it.”

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