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Letter: Term limits would help end political corruption

Term limits would help end political corruption

May 25 was my birthday. I received many fond wishes from friends. My best birthday gift, although belated by four days, was the May 29 headline in The News. It appears the political hacks who have been dancing to their own tune are finally going to have to pay the piper.

State and federal law enforcement officials searched the homes of Steve Pigeon, Steve Casey and Christopher Grant, who are connected to the culture of apparent corruption that has been prevalent in this state for so long people think it is acceptable. It is not, and it is criminal. Add Joseph Bruno, Sheldon Silver, Dean Skelos, to mention a few.

As the former mayor of North Tonawanda and a business owner for 35 years, I believe this corruption will not end unless term limits are enacted. Talk to your legislators and ask them to pass term limits. Let’s not give the few bad apples enough time to taint our state. We have not only been cheated of honest services but will also have a huge bill for their defense and prosecution. I can only hope harsh sentences are received by all who fail to abide by the oath they swore to when taking office. Thank God we have people in law enforcement who still put we the people first.

Lawrence V. Soos

North Tonawanda